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Milk producers face factors that require close attention:

Disposal of new cows

Violation of optimal feeding conditions in high-yielding cows causes symptoms and metabolic diseases, such as acidosis, labor paresis, ketosis, rennet displacement, reduced reproductive capacity and genital disease, mastitis, limb disease, and others.

High cost of feed

The key indicator of the effectiveness of the diet is the conversion of money (return through milk in money on the hryvnia invested in the diet). Are the costs of productivity feed adequate compared to other enterprises? The main thing is to identify "bottlenecks" and look for specific reasons.

Low process efficiency

One of the main factors for efficient milk production is the formation of a highly productive herd, as the dairy herd is the main tool in the production of raw milk and the results of production of economic entities depend on its quality.

Conclusion: the cost increases and there are questions about the quality of milk.


Because gross milk production decreases and consumption increases. staff are concerned with their personal gain, not the profitability of production. /p>

You can optimize costs, increase productivity and achieve higher profitability!

Our mission: de-commercialization of milk production! The owner of the farm should make a profit, not the merchants...
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American Dairy Technology optimizes and synchronizes all processes into a single predictable American milk production system.

American Dairy Technology is an American consulting company that provides services to dairy complexes in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.

From human resource management to the proper design of modern dairy complexes, American Dairy Technology will make your dairy business successful and predictable!

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