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Consulting support on design of dairy farms (complexes) for milk production in the American Dairy Technology system

Consulting support on the design of dairy farms (large dairy farms (complexes) for milk production in the system of technologies and practices of the US dairy business, developed by the company “American Dairy Technology”.

       The list of consulting services during the design, construction and commissioning period:

Consultations on the strategy of running a dairy (milk production) business;

Financial substantiation of modern, technologically and economically effective approaches (technologies) in running milk production business;

Consultations on the choice of a technological solution in each of all production processes (technological rhythm, “logistics” of animals, workers, manure removal, “climate”, “comfort”, milking, water supply, electricity supply, breeding of replace young animals, reproduction, the entire chain of feed production, “health management…”);

Carrying out technological calculations of the operation of the complex (dairy farm);

Preparation of technical requirement for the project organization;

Consulting the project organization until the start (commissioning) of the complex;

Consultations on the site selection for project implementation and construction, taking into account technology;

Consultations on the selection of equipment involved in production, technological equipment and its installation;

Consultations on the development of staff and their functions;

Consulting and technological support in the selection and selection of heifers, consulting on issues of quarantine and introduction of animals into the production rhythm.

       All the listed works are carried out online in the form of video conferences once a week for 60-90 minutes, each video conference (longer time and increased frequency of video conferences, if necessary, are additionally negotiated).

       In cases when it is necessary to visit the company, the conditions are additionally negotiated.

       After the project start, the cooperation can be continued under a new contract on a new arrangement.

       List of consulting services after the project start:

Implementation of a unique personnel management system and compliance with the correct implementation of protocols in the processes developed by “American Dairy Technology”


Feed table management using the “Penn state Particle Separator”

Analysis of the digestible ration with the help of “Manure Screener”

Analysis of the current ration and its compliance with NRC and ARC feeding standards, identification of reserves and critical feeding points.


Zoo-hygienic assessment of the livestock farm

Assessment of the microclimate of livestock premises (assessment of the operation of the natural and forced ventilation system)

Assessment of natural and artificial lighting of the barn

Assessment of the conditions of raising animals (tethered, loose housing)

Development of a plan to improve the microclimate and comfort conditions for raising animals

Development of technological cards for raising young animals

Analysis of dairy herd growth

Development of granulated compound feed (pellets)

Staff training in the necessary manipulations during the working with young animals

Implementation of the breeding system of replace young animals as a separate business direction, based on the type of American “heifer” complexes developed by “American Dairy Technology”.


Assessment of the level of disease in the herd

Development of detailed effective protocols for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cattle pathologies found in the farm

Audit of technological protocols operating at the company

Selection of the synchronization scheme, implementation of the detection system in the heat detection, the BCS assessment system, the protocol for working with newborn calves, the hospital and cows, working with dry stock; protocols of the milking parlor

Implementation of extra grade milk production technology (according to American standards)

Consistent training of employees in all techniques in modern dairy farming.

“American Dairy Technology” is your opportunity to avoid mistakes at the stage of design, construction and commissioning of the milk production complex!

“American Dairy Technology” is your guarantee for a quick and effective return on investment!

“American Dairy Technology” is your crisis manager in milk production in any situation in the country and the world!

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