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Factors of proper calving

The amount of medicine that you must to use during newborn period and how soon the fertile period will come, depends on well-conducted calving. In addition to complex work, calving will affect to the process of reproduction of the cow (how many days it takes to resume cycles and fertile period).

For people who want to understand this process better, we add this list. Use it please and if or when you will have questions please ask us and we will help you.

Early signs of labour:

  1. Changing in lumbosacral raphe;
  2. Swelling of the vulva;
  3. The cow have no appetite;
  4. The cow becomes a little restless and tries to lie on side;
  5. Mucus string from vulva (pregnancy plug, which flux from vulva);
  6. Springing up – swelling of udder, specially when its first calving.

Also in some books, there are information that temperature falling down before calving. We will check this information and will write  in future articles.

In some scientific research there are also some information that cud chewing is often used as like start indicator of the calving. Quite strange observations, but as a phenomenon it is interesting. If you also paid attention to this – write a comment.

Calving process:

  1. One of the most important basic rules is that the cow calves itself and just one person must assisted to birth! In this case it will be better for cows and for people. The usual simple truth is when the worker manage the process of calving alone, he is responsible for the health and life of the cow and calf. In this case the pathological (difficult) calving immediately disappears and the cow calve very easily, in case of proper management of the physiological and technological cycle of the cow;
  2. We remind you that in case of abnormal fetal presentation at calving, help must be provided immediately;
  3. If the calf was born and it’s too small (has less than usual weight) and it was born a little earlier than usually, (depends on the established norms of the company) in this case it necessary to wait. Check for a twin or make a check according to the company’s protocol and provide assistance based on the results;
  4. And directly here (in the calving-room) is already completing all preventive work to prevent metritis, which may occur in the postpartum period in the future, the prevention of metritis in the calving process is very important for future strategy and planning.
  5. In 99% cases when a cow give a birth of dead calf (stillbirth), calves were alive at the beginning of the birth process, that’s why it’s very important to have correct calving protocol, because diseases that have clinical signs of stillbirth (with normal term of calving) is almost non-existent in practice, so in this case there was only technological mistake;
  6. The biggest mistake and the biggest damage that you can made with cow – is an “energy” or something else that companies sell for drinking. Honestly, we are constantly surprised that someone still sells this, but the worst thing is that there some farms that buying and using this. These “energy” drinks are trigger for ketosis, but some people continue to believe in the miracle supplement and in the miraculous property of “energy” after calving process and absolutely don’t want to make an analyze of the facts that approved the lack of positive effect and harm from this “manipulation”;
  7. And in the end, as usually, we have a bonus for you, something interesting and important. Do you know that you can manage a moment of time for calving? And you can “order” day time or night time of calving?

And traditionally, we continue to break myths. Some people still believe in fake information that during the process of calving, birth fluid can be in lungs of calves. This is an old and fake myth. Because the calf in the birth canal can not breathe, even a little bit) and accordingly no liquid can even get into the nose, there is a little mucus, so if you clean the nose, everything will be fine.


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