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You have no DC preparations? How to milk and launching cows during the war?

Now, in conditions of occupation where the Muscovite fascists have cut off all possibilities of supply (including goods for dairy cattle), we have a lot of  questions about how to get out of this situation when pre- and post-dip resources are finished and how to launching cows without  DC preparations.

 Let’s start with the pre-dip. We have already wrote that there are companies (even entire countries) where pre-dip in the protocol of milking cows don’t used, so if your pre-dip are finished (hydrogen peroxide solution, sodium hypochlorite solution, chlorhexidine solution or maybe some other commercial stuff), you have two solutions:

  1. Copletely refused from pre-dip. This is real solution and if you will do everything right it not harmfull for animals!
  2. Using ordinary boiled and cooled water or water with disinfectant (you can write us which kind of disinfectant you have and we will give you advice about what concentration it should be for proper use of it as a pre-dip and post-dip). You will be surprised, but this is where the story of using both “pre-dip” and “post-dip” began. Well and the most simple and widely distributed method that you can use, this is the usage of properly chlorinated water for pre-milking purposes.

So, next  its post-dip. There a lot of huge companies and even countries in which this procedure is not used in the process of milking and the quality of milk in this case does not deteriorate and the number of mastitis in cows is minimal (who already read our articles, we already give an information about it). There are three solutions to the problem:

  1. Completely refuse from post-dip (at least for the period of occupation by the Muscovite fascists). Bur for this purpose you need organized your work that way – cows must eating and don’t lie down at least 50 minutes after milking.
  2. If you still have stocks of post-dip, but they almost ended and your post-dip based on glycerol and you accidentally have more glycerol (it’s can be, maybe some day manager from some commercial company give it to you to prevent ketosis and you stopped give it in time) any post-dip based on glycerol you can dilute in 4 times (and even more). Well, if you have such an opportunity and then in future you can extend post-dip usage.
  3. Usage of water to which any disinfectant has been added as a post-dip (see the story of the pre-dip).

All  solutions we offer are effective and most important stuff – they are already tested!!! And if all this prescription you will do correctly, there will be no increase in the incidence of mastitis and deterioration of milk quality. Related to the moments we are“spoke” today – will not be.

A few words about launching cows in conditions you have no antibiotics DC for launching. In this case you must work good because not all this so easy as you can hear from people who have “big experience” about how they used to launched cows without any therapy and everything was good. We will tell you from every beginning that this is not the same cows, this is completely different cows. And if you was interested in history and first attempts to “preserve” the udder during launching, you will understand  what we want to say…

But today we are speaking about how to survive in  conditions of occupation, so firstly you need to learn how to work and organized technological technological process as pre-launch (we start to speak about it since 2018). Let’s move on, it will be “wrong” in peacetime, but it is desirable (if the productivity of cows has decreased by more than 20% due to the war) transfer cows to 2 times milking, but if you don’t do it (for your personal reasons, whether your productivity remained at the pre-war level…) in 7 days before planned launch, transfer cows to 2 times milking (required interval of 12 hours) and milk in this order two days, then transfer to once a day and milking and just in the morning and so on, depends on productivity and condition of the cow, milk during 3-5 days…in order not to be confused, these cows must be properly marked ( we wrote about this this recently, so do not be lazy and re-read again).

So we have plan: milking 2 times per day for 2 days, then 3-5 days once a day in the morning. The main thing is to do everything right, follow the general hygiene and thank God there is no need for any additional costs.

Don’t use  any special rations for launching, because you can have troubles. Water must be freely available and  without limits. Milking must be as usual completely, and you have to “leave” the milk in the udder as much as you have to stay there (sometimes people with “big experience” practice “incomplete milking”, you don’t need to do that).

Well and good assistant for effective launching in condition when DC antibiotics are not available,  will be prevention of clostridiosis and colimastitis, here you can cope even without vaccinations if you have no vaccines anymore (who was attentive and monitored our activities, we have had wrote about this many times). But in the following posts, if the Lord gives us such an opportunity, we will tell you how to work on a dairy farm in such difficult conditions as we have now, when veterinary preparations are in short supply due to war…


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